It’s time – The best application experience gets even better!

We at Talentcube have established ourselves in recent years as Europe’s leading solution for video recruiting. The main reason – an application process that for the first time really makes candidates fun and enthusiastic.

Best of all, we’ll add another scoop: our biggest update to date will make your application experience even better! The new update gives recruiters even more flexibility in defining questions and for candidates the application process now appears completely in the look & feel of the respective company.

This way recruiters receive even more authentic video applications, can get a personal picture of their candidates faster and also save more time in recruiting.

From three to five – or one!

Flexible interview process

Many of our customers wanted more flexibility with their video questions and we listened carefully. The previously fixed sequence of three questions with 45 seconds preparation and answer time each is now flexible and individually adaptable.

The company can decide for itself how many questions the candidates should answer via video up to a maximum of five questions. For many companies, the authentic impression of five questions can replace a complete interview. Others, on the other hand, have one question that is completely sufficient to get the first impression and want to make the process as simple as possible.

The previous duration of 45 seconds preparation and response time can now be freely selected between 30 and 90 seconds. In addition, the recruiter can determine for each position whether the candidates have the classic three or an infinite number of attempts to answer the questions.

Your application process – Your Design

100% branding of the application solution

From now on it is possible to transfer the individual branding and design of the company into the app. A uniform and straightforward application process is decisive for the success and satisfaction of the candidates. Exactly for this reason, the complete application solution now shines 100% in the design of the respective company.

The applicant feels through the uniform design also in the course of the video application at any time on that of the company. This feeling of direct identification with the company creates familiarity and thus generates an even better application experience. In addition to the company’s own colour scheme, the logo and various visual elements can also be added.

It´s your (multiple) Choice

Ask Text & Multiple Choice questions

A further innovation is the addition of text questions and multiple choice questions to the application. For our customers, it was important to ask not only for detailed video questions, but also for further details for which the video format is not necessarily the right one. These include salary expectations, location preferences, possible starting date and much more.

The update makes this very easy: As a company, you can define up to two text or multiple-choice questions to get an even better impression of your candidates.

Hola & Bonjour

New language options available

Talentcube in Spanish or French? No problem at all, we’ll do it! The new update adds two more languages. This multilingual list is an important step for international recruiting. The entire product experience is now individually adapted to the respective language. Our translators have put a lot of effort into translating the individual parts of the application in a way that you can understand. Of course, this was only the beginning – further language updates will follow shortly.

View & manage candidates more intensively

Optimization of the recruiter solution

A further innovation is the improved management of candidates for the recruiter. From now on, all innovations in the application process can be made available to the recruiter. The application overview appears in an adapted form and offers the entrepreneur a compact overview of all current applications. The up to 5 video questions plus answers as well as the answers of the multiple choice and text questions are visible at first sight and thus create the first impression.

In addition, the job code system was adapted: This can now be easily adapted to the application process tailored to the respective target group. The dashboard was updated to provide a detailed insight into the current progress of the applicants despite the new application process. Last but not least, there is an innovation in the adaptation of the web portal. The company can select and adapt the different categories (video question, text question, multiple choice) in the job code overview.

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