Is your E-Recruiting prepared for Generation Y?

Ease your application with the right e-recruiting processes!

To only want to reach Generation Y through job advertisements in daily newspapers would no recruiter today describe as contemporary any more. E-Recruiting and Recruiting Software as a special form of personnel recruitment by means of computer and web-based media has been on the advance for a long time and has become indispensable for the recruitment of young people. Generation Y, which is particularly important for companies today, presents personnel departments with a new challenge. Also known as Generation “Why?”, it questions everything, has different values and approaches companies differently. What all Generation Y’ler have in common, however, is that the Internet is used for everything and everyone to make life easier for themselves. The medium Smartphone is particularly important for this applicant target group, as an info. diagram of job commodity shows, also for the job search:

Is your E-Recruiting prepared for Generation Y?

Amongst the users of mobile (job) offers, there is a high proportion of people with a higher education entrance qualification. Thus a particularly large part of the target group interesting for the enterprises, with which by the lack of specialists developing personnel gaps can be closed.

In order to address this group of people adequately, attention should be paid to the topic of e-recruiting in every company. If you want to reach Generation Y as a company, the use of modern, web-based methods in the application process is indispensable. So if you want to increase the reach of your recruiting and stay ahead of the competition for talent, it is essential to know the trends in e-recruiting.

employers should now at the latest consider the expectations of this generation and take them into account in the company. Otherwise these companies will no longer be perceived as attractive and will find it difficult to find suitable junior staff. But how do you interpret your e-recruitment for Generation Y?


Requirements for good e-recruiting systems

Talentcube uses 5 criteria to illustrate what a recruiting software needs today to address Generation Y:

  • User friendliness
  • Simple processes
  • Web-based (SaaS)
  • Matching
  • Transparency

User friendly

E-Recruiting systems are complex applications that have to be intuitive for the user. This applies to both the company and the applicant side. This requires a logical arrangement of the functionalities, with simple operation of the system. If these conditions are fulfilled, the acceptance with applicants and at the same time also the productivity of the personnel rises.

Simple Processes

Another characteristic of Generation Y is the need for speed and flexibility. Nowadays, every imaginable piece of information can be accessed via the Internet. Orders often reach us the next day or even the same day – so why be patient? This also applies to the perception of application procedures and the entire recruiting process. If something is not immediately perceived as interesting, it is quickly clicked away. It is therefore important for your company how applicants perceive your recruiting process. Try to design your application process in an innovative, flexible or “special” way.


In order to address Generation Y with a modern e-recruiting system, it should always be web-based. So the application can be created quickly. SaaS versions (Software-as-a-Service) hosted by the provider are particularly suitable for this. The access of all decision-makers involved to a central applicant database enables them to view different locations and any end devices with Internet access. This allows you as a company to remain flexible in terms of time and location during the recruitment process. In addition, the software can be regularly maintained and updated by the provider without you having to deal with it.


Matching, i.e. checking the match between applicants in your profile database and your job requirements, is one of the core processes in E-Recruiting.

Applicants of Generation Y are important to develop individually in their future job and expect a high degree of expression of their personality in the application process.

In this context, it is extremely important that relevant competences are recognised in the application documents and taken into account in the screening of applicants. A dynamic pre-selection, which examines your applicants for different, subject-specific keywords in their CV or competences such as soft skills, can offer the decisive advantage to be considered attractive for young applicants.


The Y generation expects transparent communication from the company. Authentic, clear and understandable. So that applicants are not written to twice or even forgotten, it is important to record the interactions with the respective participants and make them accessible to all those involved. This keeps processes comprehensible and transparent for all employees and applicants of your company. Above all, applicants want to quickly obtain information about the status of their application and your necessary scheduling. In well thought-out systems, it is also possible to write to applicants automatically according to self-selected deadlines or screening processes, e.g. with predefined e-mail messages.


Candidates of Generation Y expect a recruiting process from companies in which they can present themselves – but also the company – authentically, sympathetically and convincingly. Above all, it must be possible to offer the importance of a simple, fast and transparent online application process. The basis for this is a recruiting process that communicates precisely, comprehensibly and directly.

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