Replace the cover letter with unique videos.

Within a few minutes you will receive your perfect application.

  • Unique application homepage
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Don’t keep your dream job waiting any longer!

Apply via video and your unique application homepage for every job in the world to increase your chances of being invited to an interview.

Best decision of my life - the application homepage!
I was looking for a way to present myself to my future employer in the best possible way. Talentcube offers me the possibility to introduce myself in three personal videos and to receive the completed application simply as my own homepage. The feedback was phenomenal.

Your application homepage.

The new application standard.

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Increase your job opportunities

Replace the cover letter with unique videos and stand out from the mass of applicants.

Convince with personality

Convince with personality

Simply point out your individual strengths on your videos and make clear right from the very beginning why you’re the right choice for the job.

100% security and transparency

100% security and transparency

Only you choose who sees your application and you can disable it at any time. Also, for the first time, you can find out when and how often the company has looked at your documents.

It’s that easy to get your perfect application homepage!

Forget about the cover letter.

Present yourself to a company in up to three unique videos.

Be more than just your cover letter or resume and present yourself in up to three personal videos. Explain what makes you stand out as a person, what special skills you have or your motivation for the vacancy. The Talentcube app has predefined questions to support you and of course you can customize the videos for each new application.

Tips for the perfect video recording

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Clearly organized and structured.

In only a few minutes your complete resume will be created for you.

With just a few clicks, you can create a complete resume and add all relevant documents to your application. You can also easily import your resume from XING, LinkedIn or Facebook. Now you have your complete application documents always at hand and can reuse them for any future application.

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Individualize every single application.

Get your own application homepage for every company!

When creating your application, specify which company or job you would like to apply for and receive your personal application homepage. This homepage can easily be accessed via the web browser and in the app you can see how often the company has viewed your application.

Get started right away and install the free app.

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Copy the link to the application homepage.
Apply directly.

You will receive the link to your unique homepage directly via e-mail. With this link you can now easily apply wherever you want via video.
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Send link via e-mail

Instead of sending traditional PDF files as attachments, simply add the link to your homepage and refer directly to your personal video application in the e-mail.

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Insert link in application form

Simply add the link to your application homepage in the free text area of the application form. If this is not available, we recommend to add the link to your resume.

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Get your dream job.

Bewerbungsapp für alle Job-Portale

The #1 app for your job application. On any job portal.

Talentcube is the #1 app for your job application which allows you to easily apply for any job and company of your choice via video.

Find your dream job on Monster, Stepstone, Aubi-Plus,, XING or any other job portal of your choice.

Next, create your video application directly via the Talentcube app and increase your chances of getting your dream job!

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